Hybrid Benefit Solution

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Employer’s Challenges in Today’s Market

During the past decade, employers have experienced substantial increases in premiums every year with no relief in sight. These increases can be attributed to many items including new and costly advances in healthcare, changes in lifestyle, employees postponing retirement, decreases in network savings to the carriers, increase in costs related to changes, additions to the mandatory state and federal benefit requirements, etc.

This leaves employers with fewer options for health insurance coverage and forces employers to continually re-evaluate their Employee Benefit Plan. Employers are often forced to forfeit or reduce benefits in order to offset the increase in rates while maintaining their budgets.



For those employers that have 25+ employees and are currently fully-insured or do not have any other option but to go fully-insured, FHA-TPA offers a “Hybrid Benefit Solutions” program. For additional information, please contact our marketing department.


Benefits of the Program:

  • Reduced Premiums
  • Expenses do not have to be shifted to employees by way of benefit reductions or increased out-of-pocket.
  • Employer sets their own liability limits.
  • Flexibility to offer a dual option plan incorporating an HDHP option for those interested.
  • Savings in premium with the Hybrid Plan may be used to fund claim expenses.
  • Unused Claim Dollars would be a direct savings for the Employer.

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