Retirement Administration

Taft Hartley Funds - Health & Welfare Accounts

FHA-TPA has the knowledge and experience to manage all services related to Taft-Hartley Funds. We offer our clients some of the most competitive administrative pricing arrangements in the industry, providing flat rate solutions that are all inclusive. We understand that every Trust is unique and will tailor our services to meet the needs of our clients. Our personalized service approach is designed to keep your plan administration oversight responsibilities to a minimum, alleviating many of the administrative obligations of the union office staff.

Health and Welfare

We work with trustees, unions and employers to establish Health and Welfare benefits pursuant to collectively bargained agreements. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical, Dental, Vision, Short Term Disability, Flex Plans
  • Plan Design, Implementation & Record keeping
  • Enrollment & Eligibility administration
  • Employee benefit statements and required ERISA disclosures
  • Employer Contribution Collection & Delinquency Management
  • Reserve Dollar & Hour Bank Administration
  • Reciprocity Administration
  • QDRO Processing
  • Carrier Premium Collection & Payment
  • Monthly Employer Bills
  • Individual Retiree Billing
  • Distribution of Quarterly and Annual Statements
  • Claims Processing & Payment
    • PPO Claim Re-pricing
    • Out-of-Network Claim Negotiation
    • Stop Loss Monitoring & Coordination
    • On-line Claim Status & Eligibility Lookup
    • Benefit Appeal Preparation & Follow-up
  • COBRA Administration

Taft Hartley Funds Pension Administration


Our Pension services include:

  • Attending meetings and preparing meeting minutes.
  • Maintaining member files and record annuity contributions in the system.
  • Managing communications with Fund counsel.
  • Summary plan descriptions, employee benefit statements and required ERISA disclosure.
  • Distribution of retirement paperwork.
  • Distributing annuity checks as necessary.
  • Distribution and coordination of actuarial valuations.
  • Auditor assistance.
  • Provide full plan participant support services including online self service, toll-free telephonic access, dedicated staff, and local South Florida access.
  • Comprehensive management reports.
  • Financial statements.

FHA-TPA assists members with the transition to retirement, making it as effortless and uncomplicated as possible.


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